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Use this form to submit the information for an event that you would like included in our event calendars.

Tips and info about event submissions

Form Instructions
  • Leave a entry blank if the section does not apply to your event.
  • Use "Additional Comments" if you wish to request news coverage or include any other info that we could use to place the event in the appropriate event calendar.
  • Contact information, including email, MUST be filled out. Contact information will not be published or shared, but is needed in case we need clarifications or corrections to your event.
  • Click on "Send Event Info" after you have completed the form.
  • Event Information:
    * = required
    Event Name*:
    Name of Location:
    Event Phone:
    Ticket Prices: Free
    Event Email:
    Event URL:
    Attitional Event URL:
    Event Type:

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    Start Date*:
    End Date:
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    Contact Information:
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    Submission Usage
    Submissions may be used in online or print publications of Moline Dispatch Publishing Co., LLC. However, submission does not guarantee publication. For more information, email events@radishmagazine.com and see tips and info on event submission.
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    For information on display advertising opportunities, contact:

    Rachel Griffiths at rgriffiths@radishmagazine.com or by phone at 309-721-3204.

    George Rashid at grashid@qconline.com or by phone at 309-757-4926

    For information on editorial content, contact editor Joe Payne at editor@radishmagazine.com.

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