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Monarch Waystations: A little garden goes a long way to help these butterflies
Starting a Monarch Waystation might just be one of the simplest ways to do a good deed while making the world and your own yard a more beautiful place.

It's no secret monarch populations are in trouble. To help combat the loss of habitat, Monarch Watch is encouraging homeowners to plant Monarch Waystations, easy-to-grow monarch habitats that include milkweed and other plants friendly to the monarch butterfly. The waystations provide the essential nutrients and resources monarchs need during their spring and summer breeding time.

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Augustana researcher's project goes multinational
An Augustana College research project meant to gather more comprehensive data about bird-window collisions has gone multinational.

In 2010, Augustana professor Stephen Hager and a group of students and faculty began monitoring 20 buildings picked randomly in Rock Island and Moline. They were watching for dead birds close to the buildings, live birds in the area around them, and recording the amount of window surface in each structure.
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Spring cleaning: How to make a difference where you live
Ah, the spring thaw. Listen to the trickling downspouts! See the unlikely green of grass, rebelliously alive and fighting for freedom from its icy mantle. Stand amazed as the biggest drifts melt away, revealing -- Wait, what is that? Trash?

Right. It's a fact well recognized that when snow melts, it usually reveals some trash. Litter carelessly tossed. The stuff of nightmares for Paul Hansen, the new executive director of Keep Rock... More »

Back to the roots: Finding space to remember and to heal in a garden
In mid-February, I sat looking out my home office window, watching the snowfall and daydreaming about the raised vegetable gardens I planned to build and plant come spring.

It's been 18 years since I poked a seed into soil and waited for it to sprout. The last time I had a garden I was in my early 30s with two small children. We had just moved to a little bedroom community about 12 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Though we could have... More »

Peace of Earth: Rural Illinois eco-lodge connects guests with nature
In 2007, Tim and Pat Sullivan were at a crossroads. Budget cuts and an increasingly iffy economy were encroaching on Pat's livelihood as an environmental educator, and when the Rushville, Ill., couple started thinking about next steps, they turned to something quite familiar — the rural Schuyler County property they'd owned and lived on since 1978.

"For years and years people had been coming here and saying it's a great place to... More »

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