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City walks: The pleasure of ambling along, right where you are
Oftentimes in articles extolling a good walk, that walk usually takes place in a park or along a scenic trail. But the majority of the walking most of us do every day takes place a little closer to home, as we stroll through our neighborhoods or head down the street from work to get lunch and those walks have value, too. In that spirit, we asked four Radish writers, each from a different community, to share pictures and thoughts from one of their favorite walks.

Click here to get a glimpse of what each had to share about her favorite city strolls.

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Video: Young artists create eye-catching murals at the Davenport Freight House

Sixteen art apprentices contributed their talents to paint murals at the Freight House, 421 W. River Drive, Davenport, in... More »

Great grilling: Local meat vendors build a better bratwurst
Whether it's brats, burgers, hotdogs or something else, there's nothing quite like something cooked up on the backyard grill. So good.

Meatheads Meat Market Food and Grocery, located at 520 10th Ave. W., in Milan, Illinois, is a place where you can find your fill of variety. Its second-shift staff stays busy, as it prepares to sell more than 50 homemade smoked meats and more than 30 varieties of fresh homemade bratwurst during the year.More »

To the limit: Get down and dirty as these July endurance races
For runners and cyclists looking for a little adventure this summer, two upcoming Quad-Cities events turn up the intensity. You don't have to be a peak-performing athlete, either, to get in on the fun — whether your feet or your wheels are your forte, each of these endurance races cater to people of all ages and skill levels.

Down in the mud

A plethora of challenging obstacles. Watery mud pits galore. A scenic run. Find... More »

Read the rocks: Discover the rich fossil history scattered in our area
If you have an interest in local history, why not take it back a few hundred million years? Studying fossils and learning to identify them can be wonderful activities for families and individuals and you don't have to journey far to find them.

John Oostenryk, assistant curator at Augustana College's Fryxell Geology Musuem, says fossil explorers will find marine and invertebrate fossils in the area from the Sirulian and Devonian geologic... More »

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