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The printed page: Meet the artist behind the 2015 Radish Awards
Andrew Huot is an artist with a different type of canvas. He works with books and not just ordinary books seen on modern store shelves, but rare treasures, handmade volumes, artist books and more.

Huot's work is tactile, visual and reminiscent of past eras but also merged with modern sensibilities. The artist books he creates tell a different kind of story than a piece of artwork that hangs on a wall. "I like how you can play with additional elements," he says. "A flat piece is static, but a book brings in the element of time. You can introduce surprises."

Big River Bindery is new to the Quad-Cities area, opening at the end of last year, but owner Andrew Huot is an experienced bookbinder, conservator and book artist.

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Digging in: Local food takes root in Knox College campus culture
When tomatoes are harvested at the Knox College farm, they don't have far to go. They're hauled a couple blocks down Berrien Street to dining services, where they're cooked down into sauce, vacuum-packed, and served to students.

The same goes for the greens and other produce that are now grown in spring and fall in the 1-acre outdoor area and two high tunnels that comprise the college's operation on South Academy Street in Galesburg —... More »

Sweet beginnings: A simple, healthy breakfast in a cookie
Mornings can be rough. Case in point: At no other time of day do I sometimes confuse deep-fried pastry with an actual meal.

Enter the breakfast cookie, a simple solution for those of us who crave a grab-and-go sweet that pairs well with coffee, but who don't want to completely blow our chances of eating healthy for the rest of the day.

You can buy individually packaged breakfast cookies in stores, but most of them deliver big on... More »

Pen, paper, peace: Zentangle drawing practice offers meditative beneftis
Reverend Dr. Christine Isham was at a spiritual renewal retreat at a Benedictine monastery in 2012 studying spiritual practices used to calm the mind for meditation and prayer when she encountered a unique new practice: the art of zentangle.

"I had tried centering prayer — sitting quietly and emptying my mind — but it wasn't working for me. Zentangle hooked me by occupying my hands and the active part of my mind, letting the rest... More »

In for a swim: Hydrotherapy offers a number of health benefits for dogs
Years ago, an incident at home foreshadowed a career change for Sally Carter. "One of our dogs, Clark, a hunting dog, tore his ACL while running," says Sally, "and the veterinarian recommended swimming. So we had Clark swim in our pond at home and that helped — he's back to hunting in the fields.

"We also ran agility with Norton — one of our other dogs — and a lot of our friends' dogs were getting hurt — ACLs... More »

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